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Starting a Conversation on Race Equality




My heartfelt passion and deepest thoughts go out globally to those who have a voice to communicate in a positive, enlightening manner to become a bridge to your community.

This game will open many doors for you to discuss “hot topics.” It can be played at a fast or slow paced level, provoking issues that will begin to stir up the creative person you are meant to be.

These tools that I've created will begin to help you look within… And bring to surface questions, such as, why you were created…



Game night! "S.C.O.R.E. was such a great conversation starter"  Ellie Olson , 8th Grader


Cameron A. 16 years old, Park High School

Really enjoyed playing with my girl friends, great game to have a conversation and get to talk and play something unique.

Katelyn Yang ,  7th Grader Cottage Grove Middle School


When can we play this game again, it was so interesting what other people thought when asking questions plus I won!  Thanks, for inventing this game I can't wait to see it in my classroom better yet, I want my family to have this game for our game night.


The Montbriand's " We had so much fun, I didn't want to stop playing the game but it was getting so late, we had family and friends playing it with us, wow, what a meaningful, enlightening game.  I would like to share this game with my students.

Clara Montbriand, Spanish Interpreter, Teacher
Greg Montbriand, Math Teacher

Mr. Jesse, Paraprofessional, Park High School


Rob M 16yr. old, Park High School

commented, "this is a great game to start a conversation with others you don't really know".


Devon 16yrs. old, Park High School



Start a Conversation on Race Equality


About the Author:


I have a wonderful family, three very supportive daughters and a husband.  They are all so very loving, caring and encouraging people that I have the pleasure to have in my life.


I am a Teacher’s Assistant for South Washington County District 833 in Cottage Grove, Minnesota for 20 years.  I have worked with students from the Elementary level to the High School level, which I thoroughly enjoy. I felt the need to make awareness of racism, because I am an African American and I have felt racism towards myself, which I did not like. I can imagine how the younger generations feel when they have to go through blatant disrespect for being who they are. I have come across so many people who think that just because we have an African American President in the year 2014, racism doesn’t exist.


Also, I wrote this book because there should be awareness of racism and discrimination that continues in the year 2014.  Some people choose to continue to be ignorant of this poor behavior and by being ignorant as an adult you are teaching your children that it is acceptable to treat other races cruelly, as well.  If we as human beings continue to address this issue and bringing it out to the forefront and wiping it out of our society, we can all make a difference for the next generations to come.


In this book are some examples of how you shouldn’t treat someone of a different race.  Also, examples of how people of a different race want to be treated as a human being of a different race.


This game can be played  from 5 years of age and up



Readers Opinions:

“I think this game  has made me have a sense of Empathy an Awareness toward People of all cultures”.  Also, people shouldn’t be treated differently because of their race but because of their Character.”

Jonathan Wolfgram


          “This game has addressed some of the issues I want to talk about, but just couldn’t find the words to express it”.

Sophia Gungsing-Yang


“I think this game is very educational and a good tool to spark some interest in talking about a variety of issues it seems endless this will help the younger generation, as well as overall people in general”.

Stephanie Clausen



2014 Audrey Clausen.  All rights reserved.

Printed in the United States.


No part of this game  may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying recording, or otherwise, without the prior permission of Audrey Clausen.




Vision and Mission Statement:

    The Mission of our Starting a Conversation on Human Race and Equality organization is to provide each organization that we reach with the opportunity to have materials to become a gateway or catalyst to opening up the Hard Conversation on various sensitive topics  in our Schools and Communities in a fun but safe zone and sharing it with others.

     Create an environment in which human diversity is valued and encouraged between each race, ethnic, and culture.  Making our communities a united effort to secure the best possible future for each person to be socially educated in Multiculturalism and Diversity.


    The Vision also is to provide individually inspired, self-reliant and responsible, productive citizens who can be successfully, also sensitive to Multiculturalism and Diversity in the global community.
Our Values and Beliefs

•    Every person is unique and is socially accepted  no matter what race or ethnicity that person.

•     Help to keep our Schools and Communities safe and to invite to all individuals no matter what race, culture, or ethnicity.

•    We Value each human being, no matter what race, culture or ethnicity.

•    Starting a Conversation on Race Equality group would like to provide Schools/Community Centers with the material to promote openness to engage in discussion on racism without any reprisals to the individuals. Be encouraged to be an example of how to treat others of different race, culture and ethnicity. 


I suggest going over these rules before engaging in this life changing book to start a conversation on Race (Humanism) Equality:

    1.   I pledge to do No horse playing.
    2.   I pledge to do No name calling.
    3.   I pledge to do No name blaming of any race, ethnicity, or culture.
    4.   I pledge to Be responsible for what you say.
     5.  I pledge to Be respectful to all races, ethnicity, and culture.


Dallas Jones, Age 17, " Park High School, Student"

Commented:  "Best game board I every played, it makes me think about how I treat others".

Mr. Tom Ryan, "Park High School,  Teacher"
Commented:  "I give this board game a thumbs up.  This game will give people a way to communicate with others on issues that can be a sensitive, or a hard conversation to talk about.  This game  help others to feel at ease when discussing  differences in  races, cultures, and ethnicities".  Also would be great for Social Study Classes".

 These are books that are used to engage others on Starting a conversation on Racism Equality.  These books contain examples of ways to discuss with others on race, cultures, and ethnicity. 

Students Participating in the Pilot Program for S.C.O.R.E

This is S.C.O.R.E.

Posters:   Provide material  to discuss the meaning of bullying , discrimination, prejudice, bigotry, and racism also using some role playing to demonstrate for discussi          Tools:       Books and Games

                   The atmosphere becomes a safe zone to discuss current up to date events pertaining to bullying , discrimination, prejudice, bigotry, and racism from the social media or sharing stories  through story telling (maybe someone have experienced a negative situation), lastly, questions and answers a person may just  wants to understand about another races, culture or ethnicity promoting an environment where people can learn the meaning of " inappropriate connotation that stigmatize various races, cultures and ethnicities".  


          Taking learned tools into the community to promote diversity in the schools and community.  The goal is to be able to give others material  to become better equipped when dealing with such negative issues.

Start a Conversation on Race Equality (SCORE) Game Board

  • Ages 5+ (even adults can play!)
  • 240 Cards
  • 7 Game pieces
  • up to 10 BONUS cards!
Conversation, unconditional love, self-esteem, race, diversity, pay it forward, sibling rivalry, loneliness, friendship, relationship, team building, handicap, caring, perception, different cultures or ethnicity, morale or values