Start a Conversation on Race Equality



My name is Audrey Clausen. I am a Chicago-born African American woman that was raised in the projects of  the south side of Chicago, Illinois. After living in violence and terror almost daily, my parents decided to move and were able to afford a home also on the south side of Chicago. When I was old enough, I moved to the Twin Cities in Minnesota. While working in the South Washington County Schools, District 833, there, I became strongly aware of racism as one member of a small community in Cottage Grove, Minnesota.

For 20 years I worked with students from the elementary school level up to high school. While working I felt the need to make people aware of racism within the community. I created groups for students to openly talk about their encounters with racism and discrimination. With my personal experiences I could only imagine how younger people of color felt being the victim of racism and discrimination. Twenty years later I was motivated to start the game "S.C.O.R.E.".

This game is not only meant for younger people of color, but for all ages and races. This game does not discriminate against sex, color, or sexual orientation. This game is meant to understand people from all different backgrounds. If we as human beings can continue to address this problem, we can wipe it out of our society and make a difference for the next generations to come. I am proud to present S.C.O.R.E. to you, your business, organization and community.


Audrey Clausen

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